Sleep Potion

Sleep Potion

This. blend. works. For six weeks after flying back home from Berlin I could not get a solid night’s sleep. It was like I never recovered from jet lag — until I used this blend. I was also having a Hashimoto’s flare. Insomnia is a problematic symptom of Hashimoto’s disease, which is ironic because in order to get through a flare you need quality sleep — it’s a vicious cycle. I was using melatonin at first, but it makes me super groggy in the morning, and shouldn’t be used long-term. It didn’t even really help that much, I was just able to sleep for 4 hours straight instead of 2-3.

The first night of rolling Sleep Potion #1 on the bottom of my feet I slept 6 straight hours. I also diffuse Sleep Potion #2 for a little extra help. After about two weeks of using these blends every single night I stopped using the roller ball blend on my feet and now just diffuse Sleep Potion #2. The blend on my feet really helped me to regulate my sleep cycle and get back to normal. If I’m having a lot of nervous or anxious energy at night, I’ll bring back in the roller ball but I don’t need it every night anymore.

Sleep Potion #1

in a 10 ml roller bottle combine:

5 drops vetiver
1 drop ylang ylang
3 drops clary sage
3 drops cedarwood
2 drops sandalwood
3 drops frankincense
fill bottle with fractionated coconut oil

Roll on bottoms of feet and back of neck at bedtime. Sometimes I will layer a drop of copaiba on the back of my neck with this blend.

Sleep Potion #2

diffuse (amounts will vary based on size of your diffuser - I keep the amounts pretty even, but play around with it based on your needs!):

clary sage
roman chamomile

So, you may be asking why I chose these oils. To research this problem, I used The Essential Life book, and chose the above oils based on the properties explained in there (quoted below).

frankincense - antidepressant, calming, restorative, sedative

clary sage - antidepressant, calming, grounding, relaxing, sedative

roman chamomile - calming, relaxing, sedative

sandalwood - antidepressant, calming, restorative, sedative

ylang ylang - antidepressant, grounding, relaxing, sedative

vetiver - calming, grounding, sedative

cedarwood - grounding, relaxing, sedative

excessive dreaming - clary sage, geranium, frankincense, lavender, roman chamomile, grounding blend, tension blend

low melatonin, irregular sleep cycles - cedar wood, frankincense, ginger, lime, myrrh, sandalwood, ylang ylang, vetiver

nervous tension - bergamot, geranium, jasmine, lavender, roman chamomile, sandalwood, vetiver, ylang ylang, grounding blend, calming blend, tension blend

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